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Contingent Worker On Boarding Procedures

Contingent worker definition and general information

A contingent worker is any non-Sentry Insurance employee needing Sentry building and/or access to Sentry systems. Once access is requested and approved, contingent workers are required to read and acknowledge Sentry’s Information User Acceptable Use Policy. After the contingent worker acknowledges the policy, the sponsoring manager will direct the worker to SentryNet to review the Emergency Shelter and Evacuation Plans. If the contingent worker does not have SentryNet access, the sponsoring manager will provide a hard copy for review. Upon the contingent worker’s first arrival, the sponsoring manager will escort him or her to Sentry Security to get a security badge.


Vendor Access Card Policies


Access cards can only be used for authorized activity and must:

·         Be scanned when entering and leaving the building

·         Be visible at all times

·         Not be loaned to other people or used to give access to anyone without an access card


Access-card use is monitored and can be deactivated at any time due to misuse or inactivity after seven days. If an access card is lost or stolen, contact Sentry Security immediately at 715-346-6541. A temporary access card will be assigned. A $6 replacement fee will be charged for lost access cards.


Access cards must be promptly returned to Sentry Security upon completion of the work agreement.


All vendors issued temporary vendor cards at Sentry Home Office are required to sign in and out of the Vendor Access Badge Sign In/Sign Out Log Book upon arrival and departure.