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General Information
Policies and Guidelines
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Meeting Guidelines

All meetings must be scheduled in advance and relate to active initiatives and proposals. Unscheduled vendor visits are not accepted. Review of products not directly related to active initiatives may be scheduled when time and resources allow for adequate review.

Meeting Attendees
You must inform us of the total number attendees in advance. Please include each name and job title. Any attendee that is not approved in advance may not be permitted to attend the meeting.

Sentry Insurance will normally provide an agenda for your meeting. If we do not provide an agenda, you must send a draft agenda to our sourcing specialist or business unit contact for review and approval at least one week in advance of your meeting date.

Meeting Room Requirements
When requesting a meeting, please provide your Sentry Insurance Sourcing Specialist or Business unit contact all meeting room requirements, including equipment and Internet connectivity. All requests must be made at least one week before the scheduled meeting.

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time. Check in with the reception desk to sign in and obtain a visitor badge. The visitor badge is required and must be worn visible at all times while in a Sentry Insurance facility.

The receptionist will telephone your Sentry Insurance contact, who will meet you in the lobby to escort you to and from your meeting location.

In the event of a building emergency, follow the instructions of the Sentry Insurance employees in attendance at your meeting. If necessary, exit the building or take cover according to instructions provided.

In the event of a medical emergency, dial 6911 from a Sentry telephone and follow their instructions. All room locations are marked outside of the door to help identify your building location, if necessary.