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Vendor Code of Conduct

Sentry Insurance makes a powerful promise to its customers-Strength, Protection, Vigilance. Fulfilling that promise requires each Sentry employee to adhere to the highest level of ethical conduct. Sentry also expects that its vendors will adopt and share our commitment to maintaining a high level of integrity while conducting business with and/or on behalf of Sentry.

Compliance with Laws
All Sentry vendors and their representatives shall conduct their business activities in full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations that apply to their work and location.

Business Practices
General expectations:
  • Deliver goods and/or services as contractually promised;
And when on-site at a Sentry office:
  • Be punctual and reliable
  • Be pleasant and courteous to employees, customers and co-workers
Business Dress
Sentry's general dress standard is business casual.

Electronic Monitoring Policies
Sentry information and telecommunications systems and equipment, including Internet, email, telephone, and fax, are for official and authorized Sentry business purposes. All messages and attachments created, sent to, or retrieved through the Sentry systems is Sentry property and should not be considered private. Sentry routinely monitors electronic messaging systems and Internet usage. Messages and attachments created on, sent to, or retrieved through the Sentry systems and equipment should not be considered private.

Sentry monitors, records, and periodically audits the use of its information and telecommunication systems and equipment. Use of these systems and equipment constitutes express consent to such monitoring, recording, and auditing. Sentry's telephone network is for business use. Personal phone calls, including calls to and from cell phones, are discouraged except for emergency situations. Public access phones are available to make non-Sentry related calls. If granted access to certain Sentry systems, network, and buildings, Sentry vendors must comply with all Sentry requirements related to confidentiality, privacy, and security.

Camera, Tape Recorder and Recording Device Use
Vendors that visit Sentry offices may not use picture or sound recording devices in the workplace.

When visiting a Sentry property or facility, vendors must follow all published security procedures. All vendors must register and visibly display a Sentry Visitor badge at all times while on site. A Sentry employee must escort vendors to and from Sentry meeting facilities.

Sentry Equipment and Materials
Sentry property, facilities, equipment and materials are to be used for conducting company business. This includes photocopy services and Sentry supplies. 

Conservation of Resources
Sentry is committed to conserving resources used in its business operations. Use your best efforts to make efficient use of resources. Reduce, reuse and recycle supplies and materials wherever practical.

Gifts and Payments Policy
It is against company policy for Sentry employees or immediate family members to accept money, gifts, discounts, loans, trips or any goods or services of more than token value from Sentry customers and vendors or potential customers and vendors. This policy does not apply to common courtesies, business gifts of nominal value or modest social entertainment that are incidental to business relationships of value to Sentry. These nominal gestures should reflect good business ethics and good judgment.

The appearance of impropriety must be avoided. Any items received that do not meet the policy will be returned. No side payments to any person or entity while seeking or retaining Sentry's business can be made. No secret or illegal payments, kickbacks, bribes or other payments in any form can be made to Sentry, its policyholders or employees.

Press and Media
Sentry Vendors may not speak to the press regarding Sentry business or submit press releases and/or customer lists that includes Sentry's name unless expressly authorized in writing by a Sentry officer.

Employment Practices
Sentry expects its vendors to share its commitment to equal opportunity in the workplace. Sentry vendors shall conduct their employment practices in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, in addition to complying with Sentry's policies while on site at any Sentry location as listed below;

Discrimination and Harassment
Sentry is committed to making work opportunities available and making facilities accessible to qualified individuals. Discrimination or harassment based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age and sexual orientation is a violation of Sentry policy. Sentry is committed to providing a work environment that fosters mutual respect for all individuals.

Sexual Harassment Policy
Sexual harassment means unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature (such as suggestive comments or lewd behavior) when any one of the following three factors is met:
  1. Submission to that conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of the individual's employment;
  2. Submission to sexual activity or a rejection of the request for sexual favor becomes a basis for a decision concerning an individual's employment; or
  3. The conduct unreasonably interferes with the individual's work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.
Sentry does not tolerate harassment of any type and will investigate reports of such behavior and take appropriate corrective action.

Weapons Rule
To protect the safety of employees and others, Sentry prohibits employees, vendors, visitors, policyholders and anyone other than law enforcement officials from carrying weapons into the workplace, company parking lot or any property owned, leased or controlled by Sentry.

Workplace Violence
Sentry enforces a policy for threats or acts of violence in the workplace by employees, vendors, contractors, policyholders, claimants, visitors or others. Violence in the workplace includes, but is not limited to, intentional acts that result in injury to any person on Sentry-controlled property, damage to Sentry property and threats to harm individuals or damage property. Threats of violence can occur in person or through telephone conversations or other forms of communication.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse
The sale, purchase, transfer, possession, use or condition of being under the influence of alcohol or another controlled substance by Sentry vendors in the workplace and/or while performing Sentry-related company business is prohibited.

Conflict of Interest
Relationships with vendors can create potential conflicts of interest, either real or perceived. Vendors and/or their representatives shall not deal directly with Sentry employees that hold any significant financial interest in the vendor's organization or with employees whose family members hold such interest. Vendors must refrain from exploiting their relationship with Sentry and to use Sentry's name with any fraudulent, unethical or dishonest activities. Transactions between employees and Sentry vendors must not suggest even the appearance of personal advantage. No secret or side arrangement between the company and any policyholder, producer or vendor is allowed.

Sentry considers its business relationships with each of its vendors and potential vendors confidential. Sentry will handle information received from vendors in a responsible fashion, and expects all vendors to handle internal information received from Sentry Insurance employees in a similar manner. Sentry will routinely request their vendors as well as prospective vendors to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Additional confidentiality requirements may be included in contractual documents if vendor is awarded business.

Monitoring and Compliance Management
It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that its representatives understand and comply with the Sentry Insurance Vendor Code of Conduct and to inform Sentry if and when any situation develops that causes the Vendor to violate the code. Sentry vendors are expected to self-monitor their compliance with this Vendor Code of Conduct. In addition to any other rights Sentry may have under its agreement with vendor, Sentry may request the immediate removal of any Representative who behaves in a manner that is unlawful or inconsistent with this Code or any Sentry policy.

To report a possible violation of the Vendor Code of Conduct, you are first encouraged to work with your primary Sentry contact to resolve your concern. If this is not practical or possible, please call the following number:
Sentry's TOLL FREE CONFIDENTIAL HOTLINE at 1-866-418-4833.