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Contract Guidelines

Contract Definition
For the purposes of this section, a contract is any document that results in a commitment between Sentry Insurance and a vendor regardless of how the document is titled.

For efficiency and consistency, Sentry uses pre-approved contract templates whenever possible. Sentry requires that these templates be used for all applicable contractual transactions and general purchase order transactions. Vendor contract templates are accepted on an exception basis only.

Purchasing Contract Approval and Execution
A sourcing specialist from corporate purchasing will coordinate the approval process for all contracts processed by corporate purchasing.

The required legal company name that must be used in contracts is Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company including its affiliates and subsidiaries exactly as written unless you are otherwise notified.

Two signature fields for Sentry Insurance are required. The authorized signers on Sentry's behalf are officers of Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company. The appropriate signatures needed are based on the total dollar value of the transaction.

All contracts require prior review and approval from Sentry's Legal Counsel as well as additional approval from Sentry's Risk Management if insurance requirements do not meet Sentry's minimum published criteria.

Sentry Insurance will send the final approved document to the vendor for execution and will counter-sign the document and return a copy.

Sentry Insurance typically will sign contract documents electronically and also will accept electronic signatures from vendors.

Certain transactions may require a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) to be completed prior to final contract approval and/or expense approval.